Picture Frame

Picture Frame by LocosLab transforms your tablet or mobile phone into an inexpensive, digital picture frame, which downloads and displays pictures from shared folders on Microsoft OneDrive.

If desired, Picture Frame automatically activates itself when you connect your device to a power supply. If you disconnect your device, Picture Frame automatically stops displaying pictures without requiring any additional interaction.

Using settings, you can control whether the pictures in shared folders are synchronized with your device or whether only new pictures are added. The latter enables you to delete downloaded pictures from the shared folder without deleting them from your device. This allows you to not only save storage space but also improves the protection of your pictures.

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Use Cases

Due to this automation, Picture Frame is not only suitable for your devices, but it is also a perfect gift for your loved ones:

  • Use your tablet as picture frame at home: Save money by avoiding acquisition and power costs. Instead of buying a digital picture frame, simply install Picture Frame by LocosLab on your tablet and place it on your living room cabinet. Through Microsoft OneDrive you can adjust your picture collection directly on your PC. Alternatively, you can use the OneDrive application on your phone.
  • Use your phone as picture frame in the office: Install Picture Frame on your phone and simply plug-in the power cord in the office or put your phone on its docking station. Due to automatic synchronization you phone does not require Internet connectivity.
  • Provide your parents with a glimpse in your family life: Install Picture Frame on their tablet and connect it with your shared folder. As soon as they charge their tablet, they can see what’s going on. If they disconnect the charger, they can use the tablet as usual. No need for complicated or long explanations.


The best is yet to come: Picture Frame by LocosLab is completely free and you can use all functions without any restrictions. In addition, there are no advertisements and the application does not collect any of your data. Finally, the application stores all settings solely on the device that is running it.

If you like Picture Frame by LocosLab and you enjoy its functions, we ask you do help us with its marketing by doing the following:

  • Rate Picture Frame using the Google Play Store. The more positive ratings it gets, the easier it will be for others to find the application.
  • Recommend Picture Frame to your friends. There is nothing that beats a personal recommendation for an application. Thanks in advance.
  • Support Picture Frame financially. Software development and maintenance is costly. If Picture Frame creates no income, we can only put a limited amount of time into improvements.

Easy to use

Add a shared folder using its sharing link and let Picture Frame by LocosLab synchronize its contents. Using the application settings, you can customize how and when your pictures will be shown.

Add a shared folder
Synchronize pictures
Configure settings
View pictures


OneDrive is a registered trademark of Microsoft. This application is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft and it is also not endorsed by Microsoft. Picture Frame simply uses the OneDrive service as a storage for pictures. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.