Picture Frame – Release Notes

2019-02-02 Version 1.0

  • New feature: Add and manage shared folders
  • New feature: Background synchronization with OneDrvie
  • New feature: Power cord monitoring in the background
  • New feature: Distortion-free skaling of pictures during presentation
  • New feature: Automatically enable screen
  • New feature: Present pictures on top of the lock screen
  • New feature: Only start synchronization when connected to WLAN
  • New feature: Manually rotate and delete pictures
  • New feature: Provide financial support via in-app purchases

2019-02-03 Version 1.1

  • Improvement: New workflow when adding shared folders (validation of links in the background)
  • Correction: No crash when disconnecting from Play Store (e.g. by changing the language settings)
  • Correction: Adaptive layout to add shared folders that considers the software keyboard’s position

2019-12-27 Version 1.2

  • New feature: Manual scrolling through images, when displaying an image that has been launched manually through the list view

2021-06-30 Version 1.3

  • New feature: Support for dark mode introduced in Android 10
  • Improvement: Support for automatic start of slide shows on devices running Android 10 and higher
  • Improvement: Update of Play Store integration libraries, design libraries and compatibility libraries