Picture Frame – License Terms

We (Locoslab GmbH) are offering you the ability to use the Picture Frame application. By using the application, you are agreeing to all terms listed in the following.

Access and Connection Fees

To synchronize pictures, the mobile application is communicatin with servers through the Internet. The costs for establishing this connection are beared by you. Please note that the synchronization takes place in the background. Thus, depending on your connection type, the use of the application could result in very high costs. This is especially true, if you are using data roaming in a foreign country.

Usage Restrictions

The use of the application is subject to the regular legal framework. Illegal uses are not permitted.

Your Rights

We are issuing you a personal, royalty free, not transferable, not exclusive, revocable and not sublicensable license to use the Picture Frame application. You can terminate the usage of the application at any time.

Your Obligations

The software, which realizes the Picture Frame application, must not be modified by you without our prior written consent.

Warranty and Disclaimer

We are offering you a license for the personal use of the application AS-IS and we are also not making any specific assurances about its functions, availability or reliability as well as its suitability for any specific purpose. In addition, we are offering the application only in its most recent form. To the farthest possible legally permissible extent, we are disclaiming any warranties. As far as it is legally permissible, we are not taking any responsibility for lost profits or revenues and we are also not liable for loss of data. To the farthest possible legally permissible extent, we are excluding any liabilities for indirect and consequential damages, which may be caused through the usage of the application.

Data Privacy

The type and extent of the processing of your personal data when using the application is described in our privacy policy. Please read the privacy policy carefully, since you are accepting the procedures described in this privacy policy by accepting the terms.

Data Security

We strive to offer a secure usage of the Picture Frame application for all users. Despite our efforts, we are not able to guarantee the security the application.


We reserve the right to discontinue the application at any time. If possible, we will try to announce the termination ahead of time.


We reserve the right to change the license terms of the application. If we change the terms, we will try to inform the users about the modification.

Salvatory Clause

If any provision in these terms are to be illegal or invalid that clause shall be deemed removed and the remainder will be unaffected.


By using the Picture Frame application, you are certifying that you are of full age, that you have read and understood the license terms and that you accept the terms completely.


The English translation of the license terms is offered to you for your convenience. The English translation is a non-binding variant of the official terms written in German.