Sports Clubs

For many people, the membership in a sports club is the best way to do sports. In addition to access to sports facilities and equipment, most clubs not only offer inexpensive but also motivating sports activities with practice lessons and competitions that invite regular participation. However, especially in clubs with many members, the planning and provision of an attractive club program requires a lot of administrative activities that have nothing to do with sport.

Cut down on tedious chores

With LocosLab you avoid a lot of annoying activities and reduce your effort so that you can concentrate on your sport. With our cooperative member management, you enable your members to change contact or bank details without losing control. In addition, you can automate billing with your members via monthly collective debits and keep track of things even if a booking does not work. With clever calendar functions, you can easily record your attendance at your events and calculate hour-based allowances for your trainers. This way you always stay up to date and motivate your top performers.

Communicate your offer optimally

Show your members that your club is alive and communicate your news and your club offer in an uncomplicated and target-group-oriented manner. With the intelligent messaging function, you can reach the right members at any time, even if you do not know their names. Simply form groups based on the interests and event participation of your members or address specific age or contribution groups and thus, improve the relevance of your communication. With the help of the calendar functions, you not only publish the time and place of your events, but also the target group, the type of sport and the responsible persons or trainers. Thanks to the clear presentation, members can easily find suitable sports offers and can thus make optimal use of their membership.


  • Uncomplicated data changes
  • Improved overview of offers
  • Interest-based notifications
  • Automated billing of training units
  • Participant lists with training notes
  • Direct communication with participants
  • Flexible planning of training units
  • Automated booking of membership fees
  • Target group-specific communication
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