Retail Stores

Everyday shopping is a chore to many people and takes longer than it should. Many are now resorting to the more relaxed alternative – online shopping. As a local retailer, you lose valuable market share and regular customers, while shoppers lose more than they realize when shopping on the web. The problem also affects you? We can help!

Successfully compete with online shopping

With LocosLab you guarantee your customers a pleasant and efficient way to shop. By integrating our cloud, you will not only be able to offer new benefits to your existing customers, but also digitize your business and attract new customers!

If you integrate your warehouse and your stock into our cloud, customers can search for desired goods through a mobile application and have their location displayed. With our innovative interior navigation technology, users can then be driven directly to your product. Thus, you take your online shopping competitors the only important advantage: comfort. When cooperating with us, your customers can find the goods conveniently and, in contrast to shopping on the Web, look at, touch, try and then buy directly. No shipping fees, no delivery times!

Shopping management at a high level

Finding the right parking space with the integrated parking guidance system is a breeze in the future. Users can find out everything about surrounding shops on a clear map and plan their shopping optimally, from bananas to handbags. In addition, site-specific services provide customers with push messages to their mobile devices that alert them to new offers and coupons. Due to the possibility of product-specific recipe retrieval and search options, you as a seller can easily increase your sales.

In addition, you benefit from us with simple and predictable logistics. By integrating your inventory, not only do customers have an overview of your products, but you can now see more quickly which products are running low and need to be reordered.


  • Improved security
  • Better experience
  • Geo-marketing
  • Efficient coordination
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More information about visitors
  • Optimized facility usage
  • Location-based offers
  • Better product information