Conventional GPS tracking fails in buildings and densely populated cities. Especially in unknown places, it is therefore often difficult for tourists and residents to find their way around. What are the most interesting sights and where are they? Where can you eat which specialties? Are there special events taking place at the moment? Show tourists the best of your city and benefit from a higher popularity!

GPS and indoor navigation go hand in hand

The seamless combination of indoor and outdoor maps enables visitors and residents to navigate the city in a comprehensive and location-independent way.
With our maps, you can decide for yourself which interesting and important places should be marked for better determination as Point of Interest (POI)!
Individually designed routes allow users to discover everything from their favorite restaurant to the most iconic attraction and make the most of their stay.

Increase sales with useful add-on functions

An integrated calendar of events also gives you the opportunity to provide information on any interesting activity and thus, allows you to promote the sales of cultural and leisure offers in your city.
For businesses and other companies, there is also the option of using location-based advertising to inform about current offers and to increase the number of customers.
The application can also be equipped with important contact points (hospital, police station, hotels, etc.) and information for every occasion. As a result, it can provide an information service around the clock, which can relieve city authorities as a side effect .


  • 24/7 information service
  • Increased awareness for city offers
  • Better access to tourist attractions
  • Optimal channel to gain customers
  • Location-based advertising
  • Increating sales
  • Cost-efficient information services
  • Increasing city popularity
  • More tourists