In versatile building structures such as airports, it is difficult for a traveler to keep track of things. Finding the right terminal and gate can be complicated and leads to unnecessary strain, security holes and more. With LocosLab integrations, you and your customers benefit from more security and less stress!

Stress-free flying with LocosLab

LocosLab plans the stay of your customers from the beginning to the end: The service of our cloud starts with the arrival and ends with the departure. Passengers receive up-to-date traffic and flight information directly to their mobile devices so that the rest of the time at the airport can be determined and planned optimally. Customized routes show the fastest way to the check-in counter. Depending on the time available, travelers may discover various shopping opportunities. From the cup of coffee to cosmetics, the airport offers a varied pastime! On-site shops are also offered the opportunity to give customers incentives to buy through coupons and thus to increase their turnover without much effort.

More security at your airport

Especially in today’s times security at the airport has to be emphasized more than ever. With LocosLab, you can optimize your processes in a sustainable way and, in addition, better track your security personnel – Where is the security? Where is more security personnel needed?

In addition, you can mark areas of your airport that are closed to the public on the integrated map so that you can see and be notified if an unauthorized person enters this area. Our analysis procedures also measure all visitor flows. This immediately reveals the places where a particularly large number of visitors are staying and possibly further security personnel are needed.

Not only you benefit from more security – it benefits the whole world.


  • Visibility of passenger flows
  • Effort-less process optimization
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Visibility into passenger locations
  • More efficient work-flows
  • Sharing of flight information
  • Tailored airport offers
  • Reduced travel times
  • Better orientation