Custom Development

We get to the bottom

Identifying your technological needs or having a digital strategy is critical but just the first step in a potentially complex technology process. In the conception and development of a solution, your individual needs need to be taken into account. In our experience working with customers during the last years, most customers require individual solutions tailored to their systems or company culture.

At Locoslab we strongly believe that it is necessary to address these needs from the very beginning and that a turn-key solution will be made out of heterogeneous technology components that will have to be integrated into existing systems, modified, customized and tailored to your particular needs. For these reasons, the members of the Locoslab Team are experts in the design, implementation and full-scale deployment of the following major technologies.

Embedded systems and IoT

Networked Embedded Systems have been around for many years but with the proliferation of IoT devices, having expertise in implementing applications for devices with very limited resources is a skill that will only gain in relevance and importance.

At Locoslab we have developed embedded system solutions for custom hardware designed by our customers involving new firmware, device drivers as well as security protocols. At the same time, we have helped them transition from a purely embedded system development environment into a system that involves DevOps components, continuous integration, unit and system tests as well as automated testing software based on REST and Swagger interfaces.

Other projects involve the custom development of hardware and software for the precise localization of blind people in a highly constrained environment as well as the modification of the firmware of WiFi access points to provide highly accurate positioning.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS

Mobile applications and the use of smartphones has become the most important way to interact with end-users. Most solutions independently of whether or not they involve embedded systems, web services or a highly complex back-end usually need a custom-made mobile application.

At Locoslab our team members are experienced Android and iOS programmers that go the extra mile to reach your users using intuitive design and user interfaces.

Some of our customers in this area are big airlines that need to reach their customers quickly, at the right time and at the right location while providing only the information the users are able and willing to receive. Such solutions involve not only mobile applications but also a back-end that uses standard web services.

Web technologies and services

Nowadays users expect to be able to work with mobile and web applications in such a way that information is integrated seamlessly and presented to the user in a personalized way. Such systems require the implementation of a back-end usually based on standard technologies that integrates this information, provides redundancy and is able to handle millions of customers.

At Locoslab, we have the expertise to implement and host such systems that enhance and bring mobile and web applications to the next level. Of course, if your solution also requires a website as a front-end for the interaction with the users, we are happy to provide it too.

Feel free to contact any member of our team for a quote regarding custom development.