Simon Mobile

Accessible Mobility

SIMON is an EU project of demonstrators in Madrid, Parma, Lisbon and Reading (UK), which assists people with reduced mobility.

Within the scope of this project, Simon Mobile has delivered a navigation system that guarantees the frictionless movement of people with specific mobility requirements by integrating up-to-date data sources.

The application supports the computation of personalized routes by car, on foot or by public transport and to make user journeys as pleasant as possible.

To guarantee seamless navigation experience, a combination of outdoor GPS and Bluetooth-based indoor navigation is used.

Intercambiador Moncloa, one of the largest metro stations in Madrid, has already set up and implemented the LocosLab positioning system. Since fall 2016, the SIMON project has been providing successful and easy navigation for all travelers!


  • Map visualization
  • Routing (bus, train, subway, car, …)
  • Real-time data (arrival and departure times)
  • Bluetooth-based indoor positioning


  • Navigation (iOS, Android)

Seamless navigation in indoor and outdoor environments!

The mobile application allows the planning of accessible routes and integrates all means of transport of the city.

Start Screen
Route Planning
Navigation im Innenbereich
Indoor Navigation

The mobile application uses the accessibility features of each platform (Android TalkBack and iOS VoiceOver) to meet the needs of the widest possible user base.

Main Menu
Location-based Search
Interaktive Kartendarstellung
Interactive Map