R&I in Europe

R&I in Europe

Support for networking events

“Successful R & I in Europe” is a networking event that has been taking place in Düsseldorf since its establishment in 2009, presenting new innovations every year and providing exciting insights into modern research.

With visitors from all over the world, North Rhine-Westphalia will be strengthened as an important location in Europe in business and research.
In 2014, an application was created for this event based on our services. The application helped visitors to find their way around.

Through our indoor navigation, it users were able to determine their location and to be guided to the exhibitors. In addition, all program data of the event could be accessed via the application in order to optimally plan the day according to the visitors’ needs.

Access to all contacts also allowed visitors to connect with other entrepreneurs and researchers, thus fostering research and new innovation.


  • Map visualization
  • Routing
  • Event calendar
  • Indoor positioning


  • Information and navigation (Android, iOS)

Optimally connected!

The mobile application not only displays event information but also allows participants to navigate the venue.

Start Screen
Indoor Navigation
Event Calendar