My Time To Flight

Personalized mobility

My Time To Flight (MTTF) is a location-based application programming interface (API).

With the help of a cloud, MTTF is ready-made to connect to the airport’s system and integrates all relevant information for travelers and operators of the aviation industry. These include, for example, flight schedules, information on waiting times and specific building data.

By using the MTTF interface, airports give their customers the ability to plan their journey starting from departure at home to the seat in the plane according to their individual preferences. Conveniently, any waiting times can be spent by drinking coffee or shopping.


  • Map visualization
  • Routing
  • Time estimation


  • Navigation (iOS)

Flying has never been easier!

The associated application for iOS informs travelers at any time about the next steps and keeps track of the departure time.

Flight Information
Route Calculation
Time Estimation